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    How does your billing work? Is it secure?

    You presently have three options:

    If you subscribe over the internet (the most popular way), you have the choice of being automatically rebilled or subscribing for a single month without auto-rebilling.

    If you subscribe by snail mail, your subscription will expire at the end of one month or three months, depending on which option you've chosen.

    All of the credit card transactions are done on a secure server.

    When everything else fails, e-mail me and I'll do my best to set something up.

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    How often do you update, and what's in each update?

    Slip Heaven is now an Archive site. Over 600 Galleries are now all available to subscribers.

    Can I download the pictures from the Member's Area?

    Members can download all the pictures they want. Some sites disable "right clicking" to download any images, but I feel that members should be able to save their favorite shots. So long as you don't post them somewhere else, everything is fine. It's kind of like major league baseball. You can video tape a game off of TV, but you can't reproduce, rebroadcast, or repost without the expressed written consent of Major Lea . . . er, Slip Heaven.

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    Do you use professional models or amateurs?

    Almost all of the models on Slip Heaven had never posed before. However, once they've been paid for a photo session, they are technically "professional." But, again with the exception of three or four, most only pose for me. These women are housewives, seamstresses, cashiers, interior decorators, etc., who view modeling as a hobby.

    Do the models wear their own slips?

    Most of the time, but not always. As you know, slips are nowadays considered "functional" clothing (and not even "necessary" by many women), and most first time models only have one slip (if that), and many times those slips aren't very photogenic. So I provide a lot of the slips for first time models. However, as some of the models have been returning for more sessions, they've also been searching the thrift stores (or their mothers' dresser drawers) and have brought in some very nice slips. I'm also being surprised by some new models that are already slip wearers.

    Can I send a gift or a card to one of the models?

    Yes. Other people have done this and the models love it! As you might guess, the models are wise enough not to give out their home addresses. You can send things to:

    (Model's Name)
    c/o C-Graphics
    1220 S Swope Dr.
    Independence, MO 64057

    Please check with the model via e-mail, or with me, before sending anything. Some of the models have moved on, and I no longer have their addresses. I can let you know if they're still available. Whenever possible, we'll try to shoot some pictures in whatever you send. (By the way, I don't open any of their mail - it's held here until they pick it up.)

    How can I find out what size slip or lingerie a model wears?

    You can find their clothing sizes on the Model Profile pages, or e-mail them (or me) and ask.

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    When is the next video coming out?

    I am always in the process of editing, shooting footage, or planning the next video. Planning and scripting a video, arranging schedules to shoot with the different models, hoping for good weather (if we're shooting outside), editing, duplicating, and video box artwork all take time. But I'll try to keep the videos coming as quickly as possible.

    How are the videos mailed?

    The videos are mailed in US Priority Mail boxes (in the US), and plain white boxes elsewhere. The DVDs are mailed in padded envelopes, also by Priority Mail. The only thing on the outside of the package is the C-Graphics return address. There's no mention of Slip Heaven, slips, or anything else. (In countries other than the US, there will be a customs sticker, as required by law. This has to list the contents, so "video tape" or "DVD" will appear here.

    Do you do custom videos?

    Very, very rarely. Usually it's better to send me some suggestions of what you'd like to see in an upcoming video. If I think others would also like your idea, then there's a good chance it will be part of a regular video. Custom videos are much more expensive, because they generally only appeal to a very few people. So, since the complete production has to be done to make one copy (including paying the model and buying anything special), all the cost has to be charged to one person.

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    Chat Room

    If someone in the Chat Room claims to be you or one of your models, how can I tell if they're telling the truth?

    As you've probably noticed, you don't need a password to get into the Chat Room. However, the models and I have to use one. That way, no one can enter the Chat Room using our names. So if you see one of us in Chat, it's really us.

    Is there anything you can do about people who go into the Chat Room with (seemingly) the single reason of harassing others?

    Yes. People can be kicked out of the Chat Room, "killed" (which makes it so that they have to reboot before they can sign back in, or banned completely from ever coming back. Several of the models, plus a few other regulars, have the authority to do this. If you're not behaving yourself, and suddenly find that you're no longer in the Chat Room, take it as a warning to shape up - because you just got kicked out. If you continue to cause problems, you'll be banned (not by your Username - it's a little deeper than that). The best thing is simply to respect everyone else. If you find someone abusing the Chat Room, e-mail Clell - I have ways of checking it out.

    How does "PMing" (Private Messaging) work?

    Right click (PCs) or double-click (Macs) on the person's name in the visitors' box. This will make your message visible only to that person.

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    Slip Heaven Forum

    Why do I have to sign up for the Forum? I thought it was free.

    You don't have to, but to view ALL the areas you'll need to. It's simple and free. This also lets you have your own handle (or nickname), and no one can impersonate you.

    I thought I joined Slip Heaven when I signed up on the Forum. But I can't access the photo gallery area of the site. What gives?

    The Slip Heaven Forum and Slip Heaven are separate places, but related. You can join the Forum for free, and have access to all the posts on the Forum. It was set up as a place for slip lovers to meet and discuss their favorite undergarment. Slip Heaven (the original site) is mainly about pictures: hundreds and hundreds of pictures of beautiful girls in slips, bras, panties, and various lingerie. There are also dozens of fictional and non-fictional stories in the Library, plus interactive areas, like the Paper Dolls. You can join Slip Heaven several different ways, just check out the Subscription Page for more info.


    Miscellaneous Questions

    Your question could be here.

    And if it was, my answer would be here.


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