Girls’ Night
& Other Slip Stories

Starring Amy, Jenny, Mickey & René

1 hour 56 minutes

Girls’ Night Party
Four of Slip Heaven's Top Models get together after work for a "Girls' Night" Party. They order pizza, mix some Margaritas, and decide to play cards, which turns into a game of strip poker! Slips, half-slips, camisoles, stockings - the lingerie all gets revealed, just in time for the pizza to be delivered. I hate to spoil the surprise, but you can see in the stills below who has to answer the door for the pizza guy.

It also happens to be Amy's birthday, and (surprise!) all of her presents turn out to be slips. An impromptu fashion show finds each of the girls modeling their favorites slips. Whatever type of slip combination you fancy, you're sure to find your favorite here - half-slips & bras, full slips, camisoles, stockings, pantyhose, panties, thongs - and every color under the sun, as well as the classic white and black.



Each of the girls also have a short segment of their own.

René is a school teacher in an old one-room school, who can't seem to keep her slip from showing. When she dozes off during class, one of her students plays a prank on her, thumbtacking her dress to her chair. As she awakens and stands up, her dress rips off, exposing her burgundy half-slip and bra.

Vacuum Runs Amuck - Starring Mickey

Mickey is a prim and proper housewife, hoping to impress her husband's boss with a fancy meal. As the men head to the house, Mickey accidentally knocks over a potted plant. When her vacuum cleaner won't work, she gets out a high-powered vacuum that has a mind of its own. Mickey is soon in a woman-vs.-machine battle, struggling to keep her clothes from being sucked away.

Amy in the Rain

Amy is on a fantasy stroll through the woods in a satiny slip, smelling the wildflowers and the scent of an on-coming summer shower. Caught in the warm rain, she makes the best of the situation, playing in the downpour as her wet slip clings to every curve. (Or is it just a fantasy that's running through Amy's imagination?)


Glamourous Photographer

Jenny is a commercial photographer, shooting a male model. Little by little, her lacy slip slowly inches into view. Turning up the heat to make her client more comfortable, Jenny asks if he minds if she makes herself more comfortable, first removing her skirt, and then her blouse. With her lacy light blue camisole and half-slip on display, it isn't long until he offers to take over the camera, and she's posing for him!


Bonus footage: Behind the Scenes

A video camera was set up in each of the two rooms where the girls were getting ready, giving you a peek behind the scenes, as the four girls get ready for their video shoot. Picking out which slips to wear, changing clothes, and helping each other out gives you an insight to the girls' real personalities. There are also some short clips from some of the other segments. Plus, I had an "actor" play the part of the pizza delivery guy, since I'd need to shoot the scene from several different angles. However, the girls actually forgot that they really had ordered pizza, and were caught off guard when the real pizza guy rang the doorbell. So who ends up answering the door that time, and what were they wearing? Well, I want to leave at least one surprise for you!


Girls’ Night & Other Slip Stories

1 hour 56 minutes

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