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The new Slip Heaven video is now available! Click here to check it out.

I've been working on and off on this video for over 10 years. I started it before I did the "Girls' Night" video in 2003. It's difficult to schedule models - and even harder if you try to schedule more than one at a time. So when I had a chance to shoot four of my models together (Amy, Rene, Mickey and Jen), I took it, and did a full video with those four. Then I shot individual segments with each of those models, and that became "Girls' Night." So my earlier footage got set aside. After I'd finished "Girls' Night," I started back to work on this video.

I have a million excuses why it took so long to finish this video - my computer quit supporting my video editing software, I moved, etc., etc. - let's just be happy it's finally done! Because of the computer software problem, this video doesn't have fancy menus - just the story titles to take you to various chapters. But no one is buying the DVD just to look at the menus (I hope).

So, in addition to getting video of some of the "later period" models, you'll also get to see footage of some of the earlier models who never appeared on video before. I shot the segment with Lesta years ago. I thought Lesta would become a regular on the site, but she moved to Iowa - a bit too far for us to get together very often. Now, with the archived galleries being posted, Lesta appears on the site usually every month. (The girl is TINY. I remember it was hard finding slips that fit her.)

I also shot Joy many years ago. She loved dancing, so we just did a fun video of her dancing while a fan blew her skirt up. She moved when she joined the Air Force, but she made plenty of fans before she left.

Kelly was a regular during the first couple of years of Slip Heaven. Then we fell out of touch. A few years later she called me and asked if I'd still like to shoot her for the site. She became one of my "go to" models for the next several years. I had Kelly play a business woman for her segment. One of the things I remember best about her shoot was that Harry the dog kept jumping up on the couch and onto her lap. Yeah, I think we'd all enjoy doing that...

The two main models during the last few years were Ariel and Beth. Over the years, there was usually one model that would be the most popular for a year or two, then someone else would take over. Based on the email I received, Ariel and Beth were co-owners of that title while they were posing.

I shot Ariel driving my car, and yes - we actually let the air out of the back tire (after we stopped), so it'd look real. Two different cars stopped and asked if they could help her. I guess they didn't find it strange that I was video taping her. I think they just wanted a better view. One truck drove by twice. Ariel had a lot of fun at the waterfall. In fact, she brings it up in her next segment. (By the way, I had an air tank in my trunk to fill the tire when we were done.)

I always have people emailing me, as well as my friends asking, if they could come sit in and watch a photo shoot. Half the time, the person lives 1000 miles away, but I guess it doesn't hurt to ask. I decided to just let the camera run during a photo shoot with Ariel, and let everyone see what it's like. We were in the process of moving, and our old house was pretty empty, so we shot there. I didn't add any background music, so you can hear the dialogue during the session. I think people will find it interesting.

Beth's "Living Paper Doll" was probably the most difficult to shoot. She had to pretend to stare at an imaginary giant cursor. When I'd snap my fingers to indicate a "click", she'd have to freeze in position. Then I had the envious job of removing some article of clothing while she stood perfectly still. It's a tough job...

My favorite part of "Beth in Bed" is the out-take. I explained that I wanted her to walk into the bedroom, take off her dress and lie down on the bed. Instead, she . . . well, I don't want to spoil everything for you.

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