Heat Relief
& Other Slip Stories

Starring Ariel, Beth, Lesta, Kelly and Joy

1 hour 41 minutes

Ariel in "Heat Relief" (approx. 17 minutes)

Ariel's driving home from work on a hot day and has a flat tire. After changing it, she decides she needs to cool off. Hearing running water, she investigates behind an abandoned farm and finds a stream with a waterfall. Stripping down to her half slip and bra, she enjoys wading in the water, then fully immerses herself. Soon, even the half-slip and bra seems too hot...



Beth in "Living Paper Doll" (approx. 12 minutes)

 If you've gone to the Paper Doll section of Slip Heaven, you know that you're able to click off several articles of a model's clothing. Beth discovers the latest in digital technology when her clothes are clicked away by a giant floating cursor during a photo session, forcing her to constantly get redressed.


Dancing for Joy (approx. 6 minutes)

Joy dances the night away in a short skirt with a lacy slip and flowered panties underneath, while a fan helps keep her cool.

Lesta in "Grandma's Attic" (approx. 33 minutes)

Lesta goes to her grandma's house to borrow some clothes for a play. When Grandma's not home, Lesta goes up to her attic and discovers a trunk full of old lingerie: slips, multi-layered petticoats, ruffled panties, stockings, and more . . . along with a box of wigs. And she can't resist trying everything on.


Kelly in "Home from Work" (approx. 16 minutes)

Kelly comes home from a tough day at work, just wanting to relax and get comfortable. Which means getting out of her work clothes and kicking back on the couch in her camisole and half-slip.


Behind the Scenes with Ariel (approx. 9 minutes)

Many people have told me they wished they could watch a photo shoot, so here's the next best thing. You can watch an actual Slip Heaven photo shoot, as Ariel poses as a (rather naughty) school teacher. No added music - just straight footage of Ariel in front of the camera.

Beth in Bed (approx. 8 minutes)

Beth takes off her dress for an afternoon nap, but ends up caressing her shiny full slip instead.



Warning: This video contains some nudity (not all of the models let their "slips slip," but some did.) So you must be of legal age to order.



Heat Relief & Other Slip Stories

Approximately1 hour 41 minutes

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