René: Pardon Me, My Slip Is Showing

90 minutes


René has had more than her share of getting caught with her slip showing. She narrates her story, telling us about her most embarrassing moments - and the most exciting. She finally admits that, yes, she does get a bit of a thrill out of showing off her silky slips.

Rene takes her skirt offRene at desk in half-slip

René has a little accident at work, spilling coffee on her skirt. Taking it off to allow it to dry, she feels somewhat safe in her black half-slip since everyone's at lunch. But what will she do when the boss returns and she's stuck at her desk wearing her lacy half-slip?

Rene at mailbox in lacy white slip

A lady should be able to take a quick walk to her mail box without getting dressed up. After all, she'll be back inside before anyone even notices her. Unless she happens to lock herself out of the house in broad daylight.

Wind blowing up Rene's dress

René recreates the windy day on a street corner when she first realized the effect her lacy slips had on men.

Trying on silky slip in dressing roomInspects her slip in three view mirror

Lace peeking out beneath mini-dress

After confiding in a sorority sister at college about her slip episodes, they arrange a special hazing for René. She has to try on several dresses and slips at a local clothing store - and she has to leave the dressing room door open! To make sure she carries her initation out, her sisters send some of their male friends to keep tabs on her. At first she's embarrassed, but as time goes on she gets a little carried away and starts showing off for the guys.

Silky slip in bedCaressing her slip

View from outside thru window

Thinking back on all of her slip-showing experiences gets René a little excited. As she lies back in bed in her favorite satiny slip with the sheer lace, she loses herself to the soft feel of the material over her skin. This is her private time, so it's a good thing that there is no one watching. Or is there?

Dancing on rooftop in slip

As a bonus clip, René does a rooftop dance in the middle of downtown, switching between four of her favorite slips.


René: Pardon Me, My Slip Is Showing

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