Password Problems?

If you just signed up and your password doesn't appear to work, or
you haven't visited for awhile:

90% of the time that someone emails me and says that their password doesn't work, it's a problem of the password being cAsE sEnSiTiVe. If you think you signed up with an ID/Password of "bobby" and "zimmerman," but it doesn't work, try "BOBBY" and "ZIMMERMAN," "Bobby" and "Zimmerman" or other combinations. Usernames and passwords are usually all lowercase. Please give this a try.

If you signed up with the telephone billing option and your PIN number doesn't work:

I've had a lot of trouble with the current telephone PIN numbers. If it's not working for you, e-mail your preferred username and password to me. I'll check to see if your billing went through, and then manually add your password, and contact you when it's functional.

E-Mail Me

Whenever you have a problem with your password, and none of these remedies helps, Email Clell and I'll help you out. Please include your USER NAME. Thanks!

Sometimes, it just means that your subscription has expired.

You'll need to re-subscribe (please do!) using the subscription page.

Do not share your password with anyone else. If two people enter the site at the same time, using the same username and password, your password will be disabled and you run the risk of having your membership canceled without refund.

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