A Collection of Beautiful Women Showing Off Their Silky Slips

1 hour 55 minutes

A compilation of the best scenes from several custom slip videos made by Melissa, Dana and René. The video is divided into sections, with each following a certain theme. This tape is for those who truly enjoy seeing a beautiful woman in a slip, watching her dance, watching as she does housework, and relaxing and enjoying the feel of the silky nylon against her skin. This is definitely "eye candy" for the true slip connoisseur.

Melissa dancing in slip Dana-down slip shot Rene in slip on quilt


Each girl starts her day in similar fashion. Melissa tosses and turns in bed until her alarm clock awakens her; René works on her make-up; and Dana brushes her long blonde hair.

Melissa sleeping Rene at mirror Dana in jacket & slip


A fantasy ad in a newspaper, advertising "Slippery Maids" who will do your housework while wearing their lacy slips is the premise of one section.

Rene folding clothes Dana vacuuming Melissa cleaning bathtub


How great it would be to live this dog's life! Harry the Dog plays second fiddle to the girls and their slips in
"One Lucky Dog." (I wonder why he's drooling so much?)

Dana playing with Harry Rene petting Harry


Each model has her own solo section, showing how she moves best in her silky, lacy slip. Melissa likes to dance, René likes to caress the nylon she's wrapped in, and Dana likes to relax and let her mind wander.

Melissa-sultry dance in silky slip Rene feeling lace over boobs Dana stretching in lacy slip


PLEASE NOTE: This isn't a fashion show of several different slips - nor it is deep in the plot department. But for those of you who relish a beautiful woman doing what comes naturally while wearing a slip, this video contains almost two hours of pure enjoyment.

Slippery: A Collection of Beautiful Women Showing Off Their Silky Slips

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